The National Bed Foundation, an organization that is the leading authority on beds and mattresses in the UK, has recently introduced “The Big Tick,” a mark of approval given to beds and mattresses that meets the NBF’s safety and hygiene requirements. In order to receive a Big Tick, a bed or mattress must meet the rigorous testing standards and continuous audits in order to receive this certification.

Deluxe Beds is so proud that all of its beds and mattresses have met the NBF’s standards and received the Big Tick. When purchasing one of our beds, you can guarantee that your purchase will be safe, clean, and honest.


Let Deluxe Beds take you on a personal voyage. Browse through our collections of beautiful beds, soft mattresses, headboards and bases, designed to appeal to everyday lifestyles and built to provide ultimate relaxation, comfort and the perfect sleep.

Deluxe Beds have spent the last twenty years creating, designing, and dreaming about beds and mattresses for today’s lifestyles, ensuring we all have a good night’s sleep. We are a family-run business, founded in 1995 and based in the Pennines, Yorkshire. All of our beds, mattresses, bases, & headboards have been hand-crafted by our hard-working staff in our very own factory.

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you will ever buy, and we want to be sure that your bed becomes your place to relax, to sleep, to enjoy and to take time out. With so many options on our site, we are confident that you will fine one – or many – beds that you can picture yourself tucking into, night after night.


Deluxe Beds are proud to be the owner of several luxury bed ranges, tailored to accommodate the unique tastes of many. Which range is right for you?

Introducing our newest collection! Modern Living is all about bringing you maximum comfort, just how you like it. With over 20 mattress selections and a variety of headboards and fabrics, it’s easier than ever to turn your bedroom into your sanctuary.

Hamilton & James, our natural range, uses the softest New Zealand wool, cotton, cashmere and silk to create an exquisite mattress. Generous layers of natural fillings held together by hand-stitched tufts will be sure to lull you straight into sleep.

Pennine Beds specialises in designer hand-made pocket sprung, memory foam & latex mattresses, handmade bases and headboards, in a choice of fabrics and styles, coloured in beautifully muted shades of greys, beiges, browns and aubergines.

Our hotel and leisure line of beds caters to the tired traveller, offering a number of options to cover a variety of preferences. Your guests will find true comfort in one of our many mattresses, made with breathable fabrics and hand-stitched together.

Prefer a hard copy? Our various brochures go into even more detail about each product and each collection. We are more than happy to send along our literature for any further details you may need to know about our ranges. Simply click below to have our brochures delivered to you by post.

MATTresses DESIGNED with years of experience

From humble beginnings in 1985 to an experienced operation today, our team at Deluxe Beds has worked tirelessly to deliver top-quality beds and mattresses to its consumers. From start to finish, all of our products are expertly hand-crafted in our factory in Yorkshire. We can guarantee an excellent night’s sleep in one of our beds.