Upgrade your sleep game with our 13.5G open coil sprung system with wire frame supported border. Experience the perfect balance of support and comfort, wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning. The wire frame support ensures durability and longevity, plus luxury hypoallergenic fillings for a comfortable and healthy sleep. Don’t settle for less, taste the ultimate comfort now!


Introducing the luxurious Evesham mattress, the perfect addition to your modern living space. With premium cover and classic white colour, this mattress will provide you with comfortable and restful sleep. It’s two-sided, making it more versatile, and extend the life of the mattress. Upgrade your sleep experience with Evesham mattress, it’s durable and comfortable.

Key Features:

•  Available in 13.5g springs count.
• Tufted for extra support
• 4 flag-stitched handles
• Turnable 2 sided mattress

•  Also available in 1000, 1500 & 2000 individual support pocket springs

Shown: Evesham with grey base and matching grey square headboard.


Natural Touch

A range of pocket-sprung options including 1000, 1500 and 2000 pockets complemented with natural fillings for your ultimate comfort. Exclusive hand side-stitched borders ensure traditional edge-to-edge support for this luxury damask upholstered mattress.


Pamper yourself with the luxury of natural latex for the comfort you deserve. This natural product is breathable and ensures lasting comfort.





NASA developed memory foam in 1966 for the comfort of pioneers on long space flights. Using this time-tested technology, our memory foam mattresses provide both support and comfort while you rest.




Quality sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. To ensure your long lasting comfort, your body needs total support. Pocket springs with luxurious polyester hypoallergenic fillings make a bed worth dreaming about.



With 12.5G Agro open coil springs and supportive wire frame, you can expect a firm tension mattress for years of comfortable nights.




Lay back and relax in our medium tension 13.5G open coil sprung system by Agro with wire frame supported border. Luxurious hypoallergenic fillings ensure a well-rested feeling after a long night’s sleep.

Guest Beds

Comfort is meant to be shared. Let your friends and family experience true comfort and restful sleep in our line of luxury guest beds. Providing firm support throughout the night, your guest will sleep soundly.

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