Layered Traditional Naturally Filled Mattress

Mattresses are getting bigger and heavier.  Whilst we’re all guilty of suggesting this increases the comfort and longevity of the mattress; it does create problems for stores, delivery teams and consumers as these mattresses weigh much more meaning they’re harder to move from the factory, on and off delivery vehicles, to the home and up to the bedroom.

Traditional mattresses are especially guilty of this as they are filled full of quality, natural materials and are generally heavier than synthetic, cheaper mattresses.

Here at Deluxe Beds, we feel we have the ideal solution to ensure that the hand side-stitched naturally filled mattress is still ‘traditional’ and true to its roots, whilst offering benefits to the retailers, delivery companies and consumers through being easier to transport.

At the NBF 2019 Bed Show Deluxe Beds will launch its first horizontally ‘layered’ natural mattress range.

There is no compromise on quality or comfort, very quickly this range will grow as the filling layers can be varied, with different layers to be made available for different reasons (e.g. sumptuous layer at the top with a much more basic layer at the bottom for a mattress needed at a certain price point; or one layer for winter, one for summer).

For more details see here.