Hamilton & James

Nature has supplied us with everything we need to produce a mattress that is a cut above the rest. Our highly skilled craftsmen have combined deep layers of luxurious filling, made up of the softest New Zealand wool, cotton, cashmere and silk, with high quality pocket springs to make your evening a restful one.


A bed is the most important piece of furniture you will buy, and the quality of your bed dictates both the quality of your sleep as well as the quality of your waking hours. Your new Hamilton & James bed will surely bring as much joy to your days as to your nights.


Range of Six High Specification, Hand Side-Stitched Mattresses.

Key Features:
•Core of 1000 Pocket Springs in the 4500, 8000 & 11,500 mattresses create a medium-soft feel

•Core of 2000 Pocket Springs in the 5500, 9000 & 12,500 mattresses create a slightly firmer feel

•Two, four or six layers of tablet springs are added to each of the above to create a different feel for each mattress

•Natural fillings include, wool, silk & cashmere

•Three rows of Hand Side-Stitching

•All mattresses in the range are to be rotated and turned regularly


Introducing Serenity – the highest level of luxury we offer in our premium Hamilton & James bed range.


The Serenity range collection features a 3000 air suspension pocket spring system and is further enhanced with tablet springs for the ultimate luxury and comfort. Further extending the comfort offered by this mattress into 5000 and 7000 pocket variations offering luxurious comfort like never before.


Ensuring that this luxury is based on top of thick layers of high quality thermal bonded wool, our largest ever layer of rebound wool for the ultimate comfort, finished off with a final layer of needle wool silk cashmere natural fibre fillings.

Key Features:
• 1200gsm layered rebound wool
• Air suspension pockets
• 250gsm wool silk cashmere
• 1000gsm thermal bonded wool
• Revolutionary spring unit

Elegance 3500

This exquisite 3500 individual pocket spring mattress is upholstered in a superior Belgian woven damask made from the softest natural viscose fibres.


Agro’s innovative dual spring system, made up of 3500 pressure relieving pocketed springs, lies at the mattress core to provide fantastic lumbar support. The layers of springs have an initial soft feel which firms as you reach the stronger springs below.


Within the mattress the nested springs are sandwiched between the very generous layers of natural wool, cotton, silk and cashmere fillings. Traditional woolly tufts secure both sides of this most luxurious mattress.


This mattress comes with 3 rows of hand side stitching for edge to edge support and 8 flag stitched handles on double and larger sized mattresses.


An optional sprung base is available for your additional comfort and support.

Key Features:
• Overall Mattress Thickness 33.5cm
• 3500 pocket spring unit 21cm deep, comprised of, 2000 pocket unit 16cm deep with 1.4mm diameter wire, and above a1500 pocket unit 5cm deep with 1.15mm diameter wire.

Elegance Interactive

Elegance Interactive’s pocket springs provide a firm support for the very generous layers of natural fillings. Over 4kg per metre square of luxurious natural wool, cotton, silk and cashmere are used to upholster each side of the mattress for your comfort and support.


All natural fibres regulate moisture depending upon their environment and both wool and cotton, are excellent in this respect.


This mattress comes with 2 rows of hand side stitching for edge to edge support, and 8 handles on double and larger mattresses.

An optional sprung base is also available for your additional comfort and support.

Key Features:
• Overall mattress thickness 30cm.
• Interactive pocket unit 18cm deep with 1.9 and 1.4 mm diameter wire.

Elegance 1000

This luxurious mattress has sumptuous layers of the softest natural fillings, in excess of 4kg/m2, on either side of the mattress. A 1000 pocket spring unit is sandwiched between these layers and everything
is held in place with tufts.


A flat metal frame around the pocket spring unit ensures the structural integrity of the nested springs.


The edge-to-edge support of this mattress is bolstered by 2 rows of traditional hand side-stitching.


An optional sprung base is available for your additional comfort and support.

Key Features:
• Overall mattress thickness 29.5cm.
• 1000 pocket unit 18cm deep with 1.5mm diameter wire

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is a new addition to the Hamilton & James range.


Available in 1000, 1500 and 2000 pockets. Each mattress using luxury Agro springs to provide superior comfort.


Each mattress is carefully hand side stitched to provide the traditional edge to edge support and is further enhanced with comfort layers of natural polyester fibre and finished with thermal bonded natural cotton and wool silk cashmere felt. The tufted mattress has a luxury damask cover to perfectly complement its hand stitched borders and high market look.

Key Features:
• 750gsm HS silky polyester fibre
• 250gsm needle wool silk cashmere felt
• 1250gsm thermal bonded cotton
• Agro spring unit