Welcome to our new website!

08 Nov Welcome to our new website!


We at Deluxe Beds are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! Our look and feel has changed significantly to better represent our brand and to make our website easier to understand. Our new website includes information about all of our ranges in one place to suit the needs of many of our customers.

For hoteliers and others in the leisure business: have a look at our Kaye & Stewart collection to keep your guests satisfied. The revolutionary memory fibre is used in our Kaye & Stewart collection, a material known for its breathability and ability to offer a cooler night’s sleep.

For those who prefer their beds to have a natural feel: look no further than our Hamilton & James collection, which uses a number of natural materials – most notably, New Zealand wool is used in both the mattress’ fillings as well as the hand-stitched tufts.

For those with an eye for luxury: Our Pennine Beds collection has it all – style, originality, luxury, and affordability, colored in beautifully muted shades of greys, beiges, browns and aubergines.

For those who love a large selection: Do you prefer a soft bed or a hard bed? Open coil, pocket springs, or memory foam? Our newest collection, the Modern Living collection, has something for absolutely everyone.

We hope you enjoy our new look and feel. Please browse through one of our four collections – we’re sure you’ll find your dream bed (or many dream beds!) to tuck yourself into.